Golarion Calendar

Desktop version


This interactive calendar is for the Golarion campaign setting in the Pathfinder Role Playing Game system (PFRPG), as defined by the Inner Sea World Guide. The default configuration yields a calendar that roughly matches the lunar calendar in the Blood of the Moon player companion. The parameters can be adjusted to create a custom calendar that matches your campaign, and you can save your settings by using the button to create a permanent link which can be bookmarked.

For simplicity, lunar quarters are calculated assuming a circular orbit and ignore variations due to Golarion's orbit around its sun. Equinoxes and solstices mirror earth seasons, adjusted for the chosen leap interval.

Many thanks to Nick Russell's Excel implementation of the Golarion calendar, which served as the inspiration for this work.


Changing the founding day, the weekday for 1/1/1 A.R., also adjusts the starting day of the week. The default is Moonday. Changing this to a Sunday results in an earth-like Calendar.