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Golarion Solar Ephemeris

Calculate sunrise and sunset times for any point on Golarion. All times are local to the timezone for the specified location. For computational purposes, Golarion is assumed to have 24 timezones, each 15 degrees wide with UTC centered on 0° longitude (Absalom).

Enter a specific latitude and longitude, select a nearby city or landmark from the table below, or use one of the interactive maps from the sidebar. You don't have to be exact: for game purposes, just being within a couple hundred miles is "good enough". The year doesn't really matter too much, either, since the solar calendar is cyclical.

For game purposes, twilight phases correspond to Pathfinder light levels as follows:

Night Astronomical
Dark Dim Normal Bright

Extreme latitudes (above/below +/- 60 degrees), particularly around the summer and winter solsticaes, may not experience all five twilight phases during the course of a day. As you get closer to the poles, the sun may not rise or set for several weeks—something that is of particular interest to those in the Jade Regent AP.

Select a city or landmark: