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Resources for Pathfinder®

I've created a couple of tools for Pathfinder, and specifically for Paizo's campaign setting of Golarion.. Whether you're a player or a GM, you might find these useful:

Golarion Calendar

An configurable calendar for Golarion which includes phases of the moon, holidays, and other special dates. There's both a desktop and mobile version, and you can bookmark it to save your changes or just link directly to a particular month and year.

Golarion Geography

Attempting to place the Inner Sea region on the globe. Includes rough latitude and longitude for several cities on Golarion.


Tools to speed up Harrowings in your game. Rapidly interpret a table read, or even draw and deal a spread virtually. Supports the traditional Harrowing ("The Tapestry") as well as the alternate layouts in the Pathfinder Player Companion: The Harrow Handbook.

Pathfinder Name Generator

Randomly generates names for various ethnicities in the Golarion campaign setting. This generator uses Markov chains to generate random names that resemble the ethnic names on which the Golarion races are based, rather than merely selecting names from preset lists.