A set of ideas and practices regarding the metaphysical relationship between the computer and D&D

RPGamer Tools

These tools are useful to RP gamers no matter the system.

Ability Score Generator

Unlike "4d6 drop the lowest" and other simple dice schemes, this random ability score generator builds an array of two strong, two middle, and two weak scores within a specified point buy range. The theory is to create usable stat arrays while avoiding the huge disparities between characters that are common in pure random generation. Designed for d20-based FRPG's: D&D 3.5, 4E, and Pathfinder.

Die Roller for Windows

A lot of die rollers applications use cumbersome, overdesigned interfaces that make you select the number of sides and then the number of die rolls using spinners, drop-downs, or multiple text boxes, when all you really want to do is quickly type something like "2d6+12" and be done with it. This is a die roller for Windows which accepts those arbitrary die strings and allows multiple die rolls and math operators in one line (this is great for attack and damage rolls with lots of modifiers). It also stores up to twelve presets that can be rolled via the function buttons F1-F12, and keeps a history window. Random numbers come from .NET's CryptGenRandom().

Paizo Messageboards Play-by-Post WYSIWYG Editor

Yeah, that is a mouthfull. The messageboards on Paizo's web site use a BBCode-like syntax, but it's quiry and clunky and it must be written as source code which can be a pain in play-by-post games. This is a WYSIWYG editor that implements the Paizo features, including those used in play-by-post campaign boards such as OOC text and dice rolls. Simply create your post naturally, then switch to the source view to copy the code and paste it into the Paizo forum edit box.