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WYSIWYG Editor for Paizo Message/Play-by-Post Forums

This editor provides a natural interface for creating posts for Paizo's messageboards, and includes support for the special styles used by the online campaign forums (aka, the "Play by Post" styles) such as OOC text and dice rolls†. While Paizo's syntax is very similar to BBCode, it has some quirks and extensions that can make it frustrating to work with. Enter your post here and format it as needed, then use the "view source" button to view and copy the resulting messageboard code. This can be pasted directly into the Paizo forum editor windows.

If you get some odd formatting that you can't clear (this happens sometimes with OOC text on Chrome), toggle between source and WYSIWYG view will generally clear it up.

Please report any bugs or issues to moc.liamg@salahcem.nhoj. (Did you just try to copy & paste that? Sorry.)

Die roll expressions are not evaluated.

Help and Info


In general, you can just start typing and using the buttons to format as needed. Most of the time, the buttons work fairly intuitively, but it is a JavaScript-based editor so it has it's limits. Bend it too severely and weird things will break. I suggest copying your text before switching between source and WYSIWYG mode just to be safe.

Editing Commands

These buttons are simple toggles or one-click actions:

Copy formatted text
Cut formatted text
Paste formatted text
Bold type
Italic type
Strikethrough type
Bulleted list
Out-Of-Character (OOC) text
Remove a hyperlink
Clear formatting and styles from selected text
Toggle source code view

These buttons will cause small popup windows because they require additional information (links, names, labels, and so on):

Paste plain text (without formatting) into the editor
Insert quoted text, with an optional author name
Insert a dice roll expression with label (expressions are not evaluated), e.g. Damage: d20+5
Insert a spoiler block with label. These render as red text boxes, not as show/hide areas, to make them easier to edit.
Insert a hyperlink with optional link text
Insert an email link

About the editor

This WYSIWYG editor is a modified version of SCEditor, an open-source BBCode and HTML editor implemented in JavaScript. While SCEditor does support plugins and customization, I had to work on the source directly to get some functionality to work properly (though in retrospect, a rewrite could probably do it all using the API if I was feeling so inclined).

To get the OOC text button to work as a natural toggle, I had to overload one of the default browser styles that the Paizo forums doesn't use. Weird problems call for creative solutions..